Next steps for your Mitchell Scholarship Application

The 2024 Mitchell Scholar application period closed April 1. The Scholarship Committee has begun to review applications from every public high school in Maine to award 185 $10,000 Mitchell Scholarships this year. Applicants will be notified of decisions by mid-June.

Additional Documents Due by Midnight May 1

If you applied for the Mitchell Scholarship, please see the information below regarding additional documents that are required before midnight on  May 1, 2024,  to complete the application.

For those who have already submitted an online application, please note that the following documents are required before midnight on  May 1, 2024, to complete the application:

  • The acceptance letter for your top-college choice
  • The itemized financial aid offer (or estimate) for your top college choice; a screenshot of your online account is acceptable
  • A screenshot of the SAI (Student Aid Index) generated by completing the FAFSA

We are aware that the 2024 financial aid process has been delayed for many applicants, so please keep us updated if you do not have all financial aid materials by May 1. You can email us any updates or questions at

Please provide only one set of documents (acceptance letter and itemized financial aid offer) for your top-choice college. We understand that your college enrollment decision may change after submitting your application. We welcome you to keep us updated on changes in the future by emailing updates to It is no longer possible for you to log into your application to make edits.

Please include your name and your high school’s name on all documents and correspondence whenever possible.

Please send supplemental documents by midnight, May 1, to the Mitchell Institute by

  • Email:
  • Mail (postmarked by May 1): 75 Washington Avenue, Suite 2E, Portland, ME 04101
  • Fax: 207-773-1133

If you are looking for additional scholarship resources to help fund your college plans, please explore these options: